Family History Report:
  John Joseph Huggins (1816-1876), of Caledon, county Tyrone,
  and Margaret Jane Burke (1823-1898), of Tralee, county Kerry,

  —Three Generations of Descendants.

  Prepared by Alison Kilpatrick, 7 June 2015.

The Arborealis logo, above, is a stylized photograph* of one of the estate workers' cottages built in the early 19th century by the Earl of Caledon. The cottages are situated in Derrykintone townland, just outside the western wall and gate of the Caledon estate, in the parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone. About a dozen other cottages have survived, some continuing in derelict condition; to date, a few have been refurbished. Formerly of Glenarb townland, our great great great grandfather, James Huggins (1775-1860) (father of John Joseph Huggins) lived in one of these cottages during his elder years. Living with him were his daughter, Anne Jane (1812-1893), and her husband, John Rodgers (1809-1913), who worked as a herd for the Lord Caledon. *© A. Kilpatrick 2003.





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This Family History Report outlines three generations of descendants ensuing from the marriage of John Joseph Huggins (1816-1876), of Caledon, county Tyrone, and Margaret Jane Burke (1823-1898), of Tralee, county Kerry.

During the past twelve years, I have had the great good fortune to become acquainted with several other Huggins family historians. Contributions from these good people are acknowledged throughout the report and/or in the Sources page.

This report reflects twelve years' research by Alison Kilpatrick, involving several thousands of hours of work, while adhering to high research standards. Contrary to what many people believe, very little genealogical information is available at no cost. Thus, the preparation of this report also involved considerable outlays for:
  • paid subscriptions to online databases;
  • many purchased civil registrations of births, marriages, and deaths;
  • commissioned engagements with professional researchers in order to study particularly difficult research questions and/or to obtain otherwise inaccessible study materials;
  • attendance at public and university libraries in Ontario and Nova Scotia, and fees for inter-library loans;
  • a trip to Winchester, Hampshire, to visit the old and new St Peter's Roman Catholic churches, and St James' Hill cemetery, and to consult with a local historian; and,
  • trips to Northern Ireland to attend the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), the libraries at Queen's University and the Linen Hall, all in Belfast, and driving tours to survey the countryside where our ancestors lived and to meet with local historians.
While you are browsing this family tree—and since it is provided to readers at no cost and includes contributions from others—please ensure that you request permission for use of images or quotations, use the full source citations, and refer to the information presented in the following pages:

Please note that, at the date of posting this family history report, a number of Biographical Sketches are still works-in-progress.


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