Cornelius Henry Marshall (1770–1854) and Margaret Brydge (d.1847):
Generations of Descendants.
Prepared by Alison Kilpatrick, 8 January 2017.

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Third Generation:

Family of Rev. Joseph MARSHALL (3) & Sophia Jane KENNEDY

9. Josephine Bernard MARSHALL10 was born on 1855-01-19 at Baronne-court, county Tipperary.70

On 1874-07-09, Josephine Bernard married Lieut.-Col. Thomas Bernard HACKETT, V.C., (born 1836-06-15),10, 75, 76 son of Thomas HACKETT Esq., of Moor Park, King’s county (now county Offaly), and Riverstown, county Tipperary and Jane BERNARD, at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.74 Thomas Bernard Hackett was a Justice of the Peace for Tipperary, and formerly Lieutenant-Colonel, V.C., Royal Welsh Fusiliers.10

Thomas Bernard Hackett died at Arrabeg, King’s county, on 1880-10-06, aged 44 years.77, 78, 79 (The will calendar cites the 5th October.)

The following death notice was published in the 8th October 1880 edition of the Leeds Mercury: “Death of Colonel Hackett, V.C.—The death is announced of Colonel Thomas Bernard Hackett, V.C., late 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers, through the effects of a gunshot wound accidentally self-inflicted while out shooting. The gallant gentleman who has now so unhappily lost his life, won his Victoria Cross when a Lieutenant for daring gallantry at Secundra Bagh, Lucknow, on the 18th November, 1857, in having, with others, rescued a corporal of his regiment who was lying wounded and exposed to a very heavy fire; and also for conspicuous bravery in having, under a heavy fire, ascended the roof and cut down the thatch of a bungalow to prevent its being set on fire. This was a most important service at the moment.”77

... and in the 5th November edition of the Cornubian and Redruth Times:
"A Brave Irishman.
"Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Bernard Hackett, V.C., of Riverstown, county Tipperary, died recently at Arrabeg, at the early age of 44. A son of the late Mr. Thomas Hackett of Moor-park and Riverstown, county Tipperary, by his marriage with Jane Bernard, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Bernard Shaw, of Monkstown Castle, county Cork, and niece of the late Sir Robert Shaw, of Bushey-park, county Dublin, he was born in 1836, and entered the army in 1854 as an ensign in the 23rd Regiment (Royal Welsh Fusiliers), and was promoted to a lieutenancy in the following year. He served at the siege of Sebastopol in 1855, including the attack on the Redan, for which he obtained a medal with clasp, and also the Turkish medal. He also served in the Indian campaign of 1857-58, including the relief of Lucknow by Lord Clyde, the defeat of the Gwalior contingent at Cawnpore, the operations across the Goomtee, and the siege and capture of Lucknow. He was afterwards present with the left wing of the regiment in the Biaswarrah and Doondiakiera, for which service he obtained a medal with two clasps and also the Victoria Cross. The deceased, who was promoted to a captaincy in 1858, retired from the army with the rank of lieutenant-colonel. He was a magistrate for the county of Tipperary."75

Josephine Bernard Hackett née Marshall died in Portobello Hospital, Dublin, on 1910-01-16, aged 54 years.71, 72, 73

10. Georgina MARSHALL10 was born on 1856-07-11 at Baronne-court, county Tipperary.80

In 1877, Georgina married (i) Lieut.-Colonel William Grogan GRAVES (born in 1846),10, 83, 84 son of Dr. Robert James GRAVES and Anna GROGAN.10 William Grogan Graves was Deputy Lieutenant for the King’s county (now, county Offaly), and Lieut.-Colonel, 82nd (South Lancashire) Regiment.83

William and Georgina had the following children:

25 i. Robert Kennedy Grogan (1878–1920)

26 ii. Lieut. William Geoffrey Plantagenet (1881–1908)

William Grogan Graves died at Parsonstown, county Tipperary, in 1890, aged 44 years.83, 84 (Burke’s says 1880.)

On 1891-12-31, Georgina married (ii) James Kingston BARTON of Greenhill, county Kilkenny (born in 1854 in Hong Kong),10, 86 son of George Kingston BARTON Esq., M.D., at Kensington, London.10,85 James Kingston Barton was a Justice of the Peace for Kilkenny, and a physician.10, 89

James and Georgina had one child:

27 i. Michael Kennedy Kingston (1895–1942)

Georgina Graves née Marshall died at Hampstead in Middlesex, England, on 1932-04-11, aged 75 years.81, 82

James Kingston Barton died in Surrey, England, on 1941-11-04, aged 87 years.87, 88

11. William Kennedy MARSHALL9,10 was born on 1858-03-12 at Baronne-court, county Tipperary.10, 90, 23

Education: Oxford.93

Occupation: Deputy Lieutenant' Justice of the Peace; High Sheriff (1886).10, 92

On 1881-05-27, William Kennedy Marshall married Ada Mary Elizabeth Den KEATINGE (born 1859-04-23),10, 96, 23 daughter of Michael Den KEATINGE Esq., of Woodsgift, county Kilkenny (1829–1893) and Adelaide GROGAN, in St. Ann's church, Dublin, Ireland.94, 95

William and Ada had the following children:

28 i. Eva Josephine (1883–1961)

29 ii. Esmé Georgina Ermyntrude (1886–1973)

30 iii. Gilbert Kennedy (1888–1943)

31 iv. William George (Twin) (c.1899–d.1971)

32 v. Ada Iris (Twin) (c.1899–d.1986?)

Ada Mary Elizabeth Marshall née Den Keatinge died at Dun Laoghaire, county Dublin, on 1931-04-17, aged 71 years,96, 23 and was buried in Loughkeen churchyard in county Tipperary, near the Baronne Court estate.

William Kennedy Marshall died at Glenageary, county Dublin, on 1940-03-08, aged 81 years,91, 23 and was buried at Loughkeen. (The gravestone inscription cites the 11th March as the date of death.)

Link to detailed timeline for William Kennedy Marshall, Esq.

12. Sophia Margaret “Daisy” MARSHALL10, 97 was born on 1859-07-06 at Baronne-court, county Tipperary.98, 99

On 1883-07-11, Sophia Margaret married Major Anthony Richard HUTCHINSON (born in 1841) of Kiltorkan, county Kilkenny,10, 101 son of John HUTCHINSON Esq., in Kingstown, county Dublin, Ireland.10, 100, 97 (Burke cited 1884.) Major Richardson was a Resident Magistrate for county Carlow (1881) and county Cork (1894), Major with the 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers, and a member of the Mallow Club.10, 103, 104, 105

Anthony Richard and Sophia Margaret had one child:

33 i. Muriel Eleanor Sophia (1884–1924)

Sophia Margaret Hutchinson née Marshall died at Rathdown, county Dublin, on 1884-11-02, aged 25 years,98, 23 and was buried in Loughkeen churchyard, county Tipperary, near the Baronne Court estate.

Anthony Richard died at Monkstown in county Dublin, on 1911-03-27, aged 75 years.101, 102

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