Solomon Speer (d.1770) of Liverpool

… son of Robert Speer (the younger; d.1754) and Anne Ledlie.


  • 1754-02-26: The will of Solomon's father, Robert Speer,‡ (the younger) of Stewartstown, was proved.  [1] Provisions in the will affecting Solomon included:
    • Robert Speer devised his right and title in the townlands of Sorne otherwise Sournely and Listreagh [Lislea], in the parish of Donaghendry,  and Ballyleck and Clontery otherwise Clottery [also known as Cratley], in the parish of Ballyclog, held by virtue of a lease granted by the Archbishop of Armagh, to his son, Solomon, subject to the following;
    • an annual rent charge of £20 was payable to Solomon’s mother, Anne Spear née Ledlie during her natural life—the sum to decrease to £10 if Solomon should die before attaining the age of twenty-one years, or should he marry—or the sum of £200 payable to Anne, at her election;
    • in the event of Solomon's death, the sum of £100 payable to Solomon Spear, son of Robert's uncle Alexander Spear;
    • Robert demised several tenements and parks in and near Stewartstown to Solomon, reserving the kitchen, cellar, rooms streetward, and the half of the back house, to Solomon’s mother, Anne;
    • in the event of son Solomon's death and failing any issue, Robert's lands and tenements were to devolve upon Solomon’s cousin, Solomon Hamilton, son of James Hamilton of Newry, merchant, and Solomon Speer's aunt Mary Hamilton (née Speer)—thence to the younger cousins, Robert Hamilton and William Hamilton, in succession—subject to each taking the surname, Spear; and failing all of these, finally to Solomon Speer’s aunt, Mary Hamilton née Spear;
    • in his father’s codicil dated the 7th January 1754, the provisions of the will were confirmed—except that instead of the dwelling house in Stewartstown, his mother, Anne, should have, during her widowhood, his father's dwelling house in Cratley, with twenty acres Scotch measure, with a half acre of turf bog—and on the death or marriage of Anne, these properties would pass to Solomon, and should Solomon die, &c., to pass in the manner described above.
      ‡Variant spellings of the surname include Speer(e)(s), Spear(e)(s), Spier(e)(s), and Spire(s).
  • 1768-10-17: Memorial no. 275-101-175208 – a deed of assignment whereby, at the suit of Solomon Speer, the Sheriff of the County of Tyrone put up for sale at public auction a chattle leasehold in a farm of thirty-two acres in Leck, parish of Donaghenry, held by William Speer [from Solomon] and incumbered by a debt owing of £182 2s. 9d.—at which sale, William Richardson of Stewartstown was the successful bidder. [2]
  • 1769-08-12: Belfast News-Letter – Advert for the leasehold in the townlands of Cratley, Soarn, Lislee, and Leck,—except two Farms formerly demised to John Speer (d.1768) and William Speer;—for a term of fourteen years; proposals to Solomon Speer of Stewartstown and James Ledlie of Coagh. [3]
  • 1770-01-08: Marriage of Solomon Speer, cabinet maker, and Jane Wallace, in St Nicholas’ church, Liverpool. [4]
  • 1770-02-06: Burial of Solomon Speer, cabinet maker, in St Peter’s churchyard, Liverpool. [5]
  • 1770: Bond issued in the Diocese of Armagh for the administration of the estate of Solomon Speer of Liverpool. [6]
  • 1770-05-19Belfast News-Letter – Legal notice placed by Solomon Hamilton-Speer, to assert his claim to the estate of the late Solomon Speer and to caution the tenants of Soarn, Lislee, Leck, and Cratley, not to pay their rents to the widow of the late Solomon Speer, Mrs Ann Crawford (formerly Speer née Ledlie, maternal aunt to Solomon Hamilton-Speer). [7]
  • 1771-06-12: Memorial no. 298-373-197758 – For the consideration of £300, Jane Spear [née Wallace], widow of Solomon Spear, both of Liverpool, conveyed to Robert Crawford and Ann [née Ledlie], his wife, of London, the leaseholds in the townlands of Sorne otherwise Sornely Lisleagh Ballylacke and Clonteary otherwise Clotery, which had been held by the late Solomon’s father, Robert Spear, late of Stewartstown, deceased. Ann Crawford was the administratrix of the wills of both Robert Spear and Solomon Spear. [8]


Sources and notes:


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