Stephenson of Killyfaddy, county Armagh

This section of Arborealis presents a series of biographical sketches and timelines for the descendants of John Stephenson (c.1646–1724) of Killyfaddy in the parish of Armagh (later: Lisnadill) and Agnes, his wife.

Please note that a common ancestor has not yet been found for the Stevensons of Stewartstown and the Stephensons of Killyfaddy. Yet a possible familial connection is suggested by their ongoing relationship, as evidenced in a series of Irish deeds executed between 1716–1770.

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Earliest references include the following:

1710–1727 – The following baptisms registered for the Stevenson surname in the records of Armagh First Presbyterian congregation:

  • Agnes, daughter of Mr James Stevenson, 8 May 1724-1725;
  • James, son of James Stephenson, 19 July 1727.

     During the same period, the marriage was recorded of Israel Rickie and
     Jane Stevenson, 16 June 1711. [1]

1719, October 19th – James Stephenson of Killyfaddy, with Richard Timons of the parish of Seagoe, were parties to a quadripartite agreement of lease and release—in effect, a marriage settlement—with Capt. James Stevenson of Stewartstown, William Fleming of Portadown, William Stevenson the intended groom, and Elizabeth Fleming, the bride. By this agreement, Messrs. Stephenson and Timons obtained the rents and profits of Capt. Stevenson's leaseholds in county Tyrone, and those of Mr. Fleming in the county of Armagh. [2]



Presbyterian Church of Ireland. Records of Armagh First Presbyterian congregation. Copies held by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast. PRONI refs. MIC 1P/4; D1759/1B; T/636/47-50, by research commissioned from Robert Williams, 9th February 2016.


Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 31-342-19418: Indenture of lease and release involving Capt. James Stevenson of Stewartstown and William Fleming of Portadown, to Richard Timons of the parish of Seagoe and James Stephenson of Killyfaddy, co. Armagh, and the marriage settlement of William, son of Capt. James Stevenson, and Elizabeth, daughter of William Fleming (dated 19 Oct 1716, reg'rd 10 Nov 1721). Copy per FHl film no. 461320. Transcript and précis by Alison Kilpatrick; submitted to, 2016-07-16.

Please note that a common ancestor has not been found between this branch and that of Stewartstown.

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