Crowe of Legarhill and Young of Corlismore

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Background:—In 1823, Thomas Huggins, formerly of Gortgonis, county Tyrone, married a young Irish woman named Margaret Crowe in Lexington, Kentucky. [1] Two years after Margaret's death in 1833, [2] Thomas remarried to Catherine Pilkington, née Crowe, widow of Samuel Pilkington of Lexington. [3] Margaret and Catherine were said to be sisters[4] 


  1. research and analysis—to determine whether Margaret and Catherine were sisters; and,
  2. family outlines of the Crowe family of Legarhill, county Monaghan—to identify Catherine Crowe’s parents and immediate family:
    1. John Maxwell Crowe and Elizabeth Young;
    2. Charles Crowe, Esq., who m. first, Isabella Harris;
    3. Charles Crowe, Esq., who m. second, Margaret Abbott;
    4. Rev. Charles E. Crowe, who m. first, Mary Jane Pilkington;
    5. Rev. Charles E. Crowe, who m. second, Fanny Young Fitzgerald;
    6. Thomas Young Crowe and Mary “Polly” Richards;
    7. Martha Crowe and James Fitzgerald, Esq., of Clonavilla;
    8. Catherine Crowe, who m. first, Samuel Pilkington of co. Armagh, and m. second, Thomas Huggins.

Family outline for Thomas Huggins and Margaret Crowe

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