The following is a list of research conundrums, pertaining to the Ledlie family originating from Carnan townland in the parish of Arboe, county Tyrone:

  1. Who was the ancestor of James Ledlie (1751–1809) of Cannonsburg, and William Ledlie (1747–1835) of Paris, both in Washington County, Penn.?

  2. Who were the parents of the Rev. Robert Darragh (d. c.1743) of Rafeenan, county Monaghan, and his sisters, Isabella, wife of John Ledlie (d.1792) of Curglassan, county Tyrone, and Sarah, wife of Alexander McDuff? Were Robert, Isabella, and Sarah the children of Andrew Darragh and Jennet, his wife, of Ballynagowan in the parish of Ballyclog, county Tyrone? If a reader has information which could help to solve this family history mystery, please do get in touch via the contact page.

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