On this date, March 16th:

  • in 1834—birth of Richard Wills (our 2nd cousin 5X removed) at Everdon, Northamptonshire—son of James Wills (1791–1847) and Martha Wawman (1803–1891), both of Daventry, Northants.
  • in 1887—death of Mary McLister née Kilpatrick (our great grand aunt), aged 49 years, at Norton in Summit County, Ohio—wife of Archibald McLister (1819–1896) of county Antrim; and daughter of our great great grandparents, Samuel Kilpatrick (1810–1894) and Jane M'Kay (1806–1886), both of Lislea townland in the parish of Kilrea, county Derry.
  • in 1928—birth of William Charles Flavell (our 5th cousin 2X removed) at Daventry, Northamptonshire—son of William Henry Flavell (1902–1974) of Barby, Northants, and Caroline Elizabeth Inns (1901–1981) of Daventry.

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"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."—Lesley Poles Hartley (1895–1972), The Go-Between (1953).

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