On this date, March 24th:

  • in 1840—birth of Marianne White (our 1st cousin 3X removed) at Kilrea in county Derry—daughter of Hugh White of Tamlaght O'Crilly and Sarah Kilpatrick of Lislea townland, parish of Kilrea, county Derry.
  • in 1853—marriage of Hanna W. Rogers (our 6th cousin 3X removed; 1829–1885) of Warrington, Pennsylvania, with Charles Thompson Horner; the marriage was solemnized at Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
  • in 1865—death of George Alexander Kennedy, M.D. (our 4th cousin 5X removed), age 72 years, at Dublin—son of James Thomas Kennedy (1758–1839) of Kennedy's Grove, county Down, and Mary Wilkins (1776–1839).
  • in 1869—birth of Arthur Macdonald Andrews (0ur 6th cousin 3X removed)—son of James Andrews and Mary Catherine (1836–1886), daughter of Robert Andrews, LL.D., Q.C. (1802–1865) of Mountjoy square, Dublin, and Anne Jane Kennedy (d.1895).
  • in 1897—marriage of William Hugh Huggins, Q.C. (1863–1928; our 3rd cousin 3X removed) of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Alena Crosby Mary Artz (1877–1968) of Hebron, Nova Scotia.
  • in 1902—birth of Violet Elizabeth Shrubb (our 3rd cousin 1X removed) at Dartford in Kent—daughter of George Raymond Shrubb (1876–1963) of Sevenoaks, Kent, and Elizabeth Sarah Stevens (1877–1967) of Dartford.
  • in 1949—death of Richard Francis Penfold, jun. (our 1st cousin 2X removed), age 46 years, at Croydon—husband of Amelia Alice (Milly) Harland (1903–1981) of Croydon; and son of Richard Francis Penfold, sen. (1873–1939) of Croydon and Sarah Jane "Aunt Tot" Wawman (1876–1952), who was born at Aberdare in Glamorgan, Wales.

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"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."—Lesley Poles Hartley (1895–1972), The Go-Between (1953).

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