1718-02-28: 77-384-54097: Marshall to Marshall

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 77-384-54097: Marshall to Marshall (dated 28 Feb 1718; reg'rd 5 Sept 1734). Copy per FHL film no. 461341. Transcribed and annotated by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2016-07-31. Please cite your sources.

Related deed: Mem. no. 75-494-54093, Whyte to Marshall (1713-11-01).

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77-384-54097a marshall to marshall

No. 54097  To the Reg'r [2] appointed for Registring of all Deeds Wills Conveyances &c.

[Notes in margin:]
Marshall to Marshall
Reg'rd the 5'th day of Septem'r 1734 at 10 o Clock in the forenoon

[Body of memorial:]
  A Memorial of an Assignm't made the Twenty Eighth day of February One Thousand Seven hundred and Eighteen between
Joseph Marshall Sen'r of Annaghroe in the Parish of Aghalow and County of Tyrone of the one part and Joseph Marshall Jun'r of Clankeen [Glenkeen] in the s'd Parish & County of the other part reciting as therein is recited [3]

... Whereby the said Jos: Marshall Sen'r for the Cons'rns [Considerations] therein ment'd [mentioned] Doth Grant Bargain Sell Assign and Set over unto the said Jos: Marshall Jun'r All that the town Land of Clankeen Situate in the manor of Bellymagrane [4] Parish of Aghalow & County of Tyrone afores'd tog'r [together] with the Indre [Indenture] of Lease therein ment'd & all the Estate Right Title property Claim & Demand of him the s'd Joseph Marshall Sen'r

... To have and to hold the s'd presses [premises] w'th the Appurs [Appurtenances] for & during the Term of Three Lives in s'd Indre of Lease ment'd or any other Lives that may thereafter be incerted by Virtue of a Clause or Cov't [Covenant] of Renewal therein cont'd [contained] At and under the Yearly Rent reservations and Coven'ts therein ment'd

... which s'd Indre of Assignment is Witnessed by Adam Moderwell of Clandavagh [Glendavagh]  Bryan O Mellan of Caden Farm'r and John Sinclair of Caledon Gent all in the said County of Tyrone and this Mem'l [Memorial] is Witnessed by the s'd Adam Moderwell and Leslie Hamilton of the City of Dublin Gent.

     __ Joseph Marshall (seal)

... Signed and Sealed in presence of

     __ Adam Moderwell __ Leslie Hamilton __

... The above named Ad'm Moderwell maketh Oath that he this Dep't [Deponent] Saw the above named Joseph Marshall Jun'r [sic] duly Execute the above mentioned Assignm't & the s'd Jos: Marshall Jun'r duly Execute a Counterpart thereof of which s'd Indre of Assignm't the above writing is a Mem'l and also Saw the said Joseph Marshall duly Sign & Seal s'd Mem'l & this Dep't Saith that he this Dep't is a Subscribing Witness to s'd Indre of Assignm't and Mem'l & that the Name Adam Moderwell Indorsed & Subscribed thereto is his this Dep'ts [Deponent's] own proper hand writing

     __ Adam Moderwell __

... Jur. cor. me uno Mag'r Extraord P Caption Affid in rure inet P Com Monaghan Virt. Com. mihi direct apud Glasslough p'[-]d 29˚ die Mensis Aug't Anno Dom. 1734 __ et Cogno Dep't

     __ Will Johnston __

... Present

     __ Oli Anketell
     __ Bap't Johnston

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The Manor of Ballymagrane lay northwest of the Caledon estate. The "estate belonged to Francis White, a grandson of Sir Robert Newcomen, who at one time owned the Aughnacloy estate." Source: Marshall, John J. Vestry Book of the Parish of Aghalow (Caledon, Co. Tyrone). Dungannon: The Tyrone Printing Co., Ltd., 1935.

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