1730-07-20: 80-43-54826: Stevenson to Stevenson

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 80-43-54826: Stevenson to Stevenson (dated 20 & 21 July 1730; reg'rd 13 Dec 1734). Copy per FHL film no. 522815. Transcribed and annotated by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2016-08-02. Please cite your sources.

Related deed: Memorial no. 64-10-42387, Turner to Stevenson (1729-01-12).

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80-43-54826 stevenson to stevenson 1

No 54826  To the Reg'r [2] app'd [appointed] by Act of Parl't [Parliament] for registring Deeds Conveyances Wills &c.

[Notes in margin:]
Stevenson to Stevenson
Reg'rd the 13'th day of Decem'r 1734 1/2 an hour after [-] oClock [in the] Afternoon [3]

[Body of memorial:]
  A Memorial of indented Deeds of Lease and release bearing Date respectively the Twenty & twenty first of July One Thousand Seven hundred and thirty made between W'm Stevenson of Stewartstown in the County of Tyrone Gent of the one part and Ja's Stevenson of the same Gent of the other part [4]

...  Reciting indented Deeds of Lease and release Tripartite Dated Respectively the twelfth [&] thirteenth days of Jan'ry One Thousand Seven hundred & thirty [sic] Nine & made between Jacob Turner of Lurgan in the County of Ardmagh Linnen Draper of the first part  George Williams of Dromgor in the s'd County Farmer and Ann his wife of the second part & the s'd W'm Stevenson of the third part

... Whereby the s'd Jacob Turner  George Williams & Ann his wife did for the Sev'l [Several] Cons'rns [Considerations] therein ment'd [mentioned] Give Grant Bargain Sell Remise Release and Confirm unto the s'd W'm Stevenson All that part & parcel of Lands & premisses of Dromgor meared & bounded on the South East by the highway leading from Lurgan to Portadown On the East a River joining to the same on the South by Joan Dobsons Freehold & on the South West by Leonard Crosses holding & on the Road leading to M'r S't John's Tog'r [Together] with the Bogg and Moss belonging to the same & also Two Acres of Meadow lying before the Door of Edmond M'c Conwell Sen'r Tog'r with all & Sing'r [Singular] the Rights Mem'rs [Members] & Appurs [Appurtenances] to the s'd premes [premises] & every part thereof belonging & the Reversion & Reversions Rem'r [Remainder] & Rem'rs Y'[-]ly [Yearly?] & other the Rents Issues & profits of the s'd premes and all Houses Edifices Buildings Orchards Gardens Lands Meadows Commons Pastures Feedings Bogs Mosses Ways Paths Waters Water Courses Easem'ts Commodities & Hereditam'ts w't soever [whatsoever]

... And also all the Estate Right Title Int [Interest] Claim & Dem'd [Demand] w't soever both in Law and Equity of in & to the s'd Lands & premes

...  To hold to the s'd W'm Stevenson for Ever  To hold to the 'd W'm Stevenson for Ever [sic] as by the s'd late recited Deeds may Appear

...  Now the s'd above first ment'd Deed of release Witnesseth That the s'd W'm Stevenson for & in Cons'rn of the Sum of One Hundred and fifty four pounds Ster. [Sterling] to him in hand paid by the s'd Ja's Stevenson at & before the Perfection of the s'd Deed The Receipt whereof is thereby Acknowledged Hath Given Granted Barg'd [Bargained] Sold Assigned released & Confirmed & thereby did Give Grant Bargain Sell Assign Release and Confirm unto the s'd Ja's Stevenson in his actual possion [possession] then being by Virtue of the said Deed of Lease All that the above ment'd part & parcel of Lands of Drumgor as the same app'[-] [appeared?] by the s'd Deed of Lease to be Situate in the Mannor of Kernan in the parish of Segoe & County of Ardmagh afores'd

...  To have & to hold the said granted premes unto the s'd Ja's Stevenson his Heires & Assignes To the only proper Use & behoof of the s'd Ja's Stevenson his Heires & Assignes for Ever as by the said first ment'd Deeds of Lease & Release (relation being thereunto had may more at large Appear

...  Which being duly Executed by the s'd W'm Stevenson are Witnessed by Richard Timmons of the Town & County of Ardmagh Innkeeper & by Rich'd Magenis of the City of Dublin Gent & the Signing & Sealing of this Mem'l [Memorial] by the s'd W'm Stevenson is also Witnessed by the s'd Richard Magenis & George Arthur of Lisburn in the County of Antrim Gent

     __ W'm Stevenson (seal)

...  Signed & Sealed in presence of

     __ Rich'd Magenis __ Geo: Arthur __

... The above named Rich'd Magenis Came this Day before me & made Oath That he Saw the above ment'd Deeds of Lease & release of which the above writing is a Mem'l duly Executed by the above named W'm Stevenson & that he likewise saw the s'd Mem'l Signed & Sealed by the s'd W'm Stephenson [sic] in the presence of this Dep't [Deponent] & the s'd George Arthur & that the Name Rich'd Magenis Indorsed as Witness on the s'd Deeds & Subscribed as a Witness to the above written Mem'l is this Dep'ts [Deponent's] own proper hand Writing & Saith That the above Mem'l was Deliv'd [Delivered] to M'r W'm Parry Dep: Reg'r [Deputy Register] on Friday the Thirteenth day of Dec'r One Thous'd Seven hundred & thirty four at or near half an hour after four of the Clock in the Afternoon of the s'd Day

     __ Rich'd Magenis __

... Jur. cor me 13˚ die Dec'ris 1734

     Will Parry Dep Reg'r __

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