1730-10-02: 109-245-75752: Huggins to Ferguson

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 109-245-75752: John Huggins of Glenarb, parish of Aghaloo, co. Tyrone, to Andrew and David Ferguson of Farriter, parish of Killeeshil, co. Tyrone (dated 2 October 1730, registered 7 February 1742). Microfilm copy held by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. Archival ref. MIC/311/72 (accessed and extract by Alison Kilpatrick, November, 2003). Microfilm copy held by the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah (FHL film no. 522823); digital images online at www.familysearch.org (accessed and transcribed by A. Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2016-07-12). Please cite your sources.

The following is an extract, or outline, of the contents of the deed:
(Transcript follows, below.)

Memorial no. 109-245-75752.
Huggins anr to Ferguson & anr.
Registered 7 February 1742.

Memorial of a Deed of Conveyance or Marriage Article
2 October 1730  between Jno Huggins of Dunarb [sic], Aghalow, County Tyrone, and Andw Ferguson and Davd Ferguson both of Tarraher, Aghalow [see note (2), below], Gent.
- Andw to Davd his son as a Marriage portion half the town of Tarraher, formerly called by the name of Irish Tarruter, of Estate of Thos White of Red Hill, County Cavan Esq. by Deed of Lease to Jno Nesbitt late of Tullyvar, County Tyrone Gent.
- during natural lives of Andw Nesbitt  John Nesbitt the your  and Jno Irwin the yor  purchased from Jno Nesbitt
- By Andw Ferguson  Deed of Conveyance to Davd 30 September 1729  Rent £6
- Another Deed: Conveyance was made in Consideration of a Marriage between David Ferguson and Margt Huggins and in consideration of the sum of £150 as a Marriage portion by Jno Huggins to Davd Ferguson ...
Another Deed: Witnessed by William Espy of Caledon Cooper and Joseph Caldwell of Greby Farmer County Monaghan and John Neilson of Calledon Gent.
- This Memorial witnessed by John Neilson and Thos. Stewart of Glasslough County Monaghan Apothecary
- Sworn before me at Ankehilly [Anketell] Grove County Monaghan  5 February 1742  Will Johnson  Oli Anketell  Bap Johnston  Justices of the Peace

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Transcription: (added 2016-07-12)

Footnotes have been inserted by the transcriber and are hyperlinked to the Transcriber's notes section at the end of this transcript.

[Title:] [1]
No 75752  To the Reg'r [Register] [2] appointed for the registring of Deeds Wills & Conveyances and so forth according to Act of Parl't [Parliament] in that case made & provided

[Notes in margin:]
Huggins & ano'r [another] to Ferguson & an'r
Reg'rd the 7'th day of Feb'ry 1742 at 10 o Clock in the forenoon

[Body of deed:]
  A Mem'l [Memorial] of a Deed of Conveyance or Marriage Article bearing date the the [sic] second Day of Oct'r One Thous'd seven hun'd & thirty six made by Jn'o Huggins of Dunarb [Glenarb] in the Parish of Aghalow & County of Tyrone Gent. of the one part & And'w Ferguson & Dav'd Ferguson both of Farratur in the Parish [3] & County afores'd Gent. of the other part [4]

... By which the s'd And'w Ferguson Doth thereby Give unto y'e s'd Dav'd Ferguson his son as a Marriage portion from the Date of the s'd Deed of which this is a Mem'l a full & ample Conveyance & Alienation of the half Town of Farratur afores'd formerly called & known by the Name of Irish Farruter situate lying & being in the Barony of Dungannon & County of Tyrone of the Estate of Tho's White of Red hill & County of Cavan Esq'r by Deed of Lease made unto Jn'o Nesbitt late of Tullyvar in the County of Tyrone Gent During the natural Life & Lives of And'w Nesbitt  John Nesbitt the you'r [younger] & Jn'o Irwin the yo'r purchased from the s'd Jn'o Nesbitt By the s'd And'w by a Deed of Conveyance bearing Date the Thirtieth day of Sept'r One Thous'd Seven hun'd & twenty nine for which s'd half Town the s'd Dav'd is to pay Yearly as rent six pounds Ster.

... And the s'd Deed of which this is a Mem'l Imports that the s'd Conveyance was made as well for & in Cons'n [Consideration] of the reserved Yearly rent there expressed as afores'd as for & in Cons'n of a Marriage had & Solemnized between y'e s'd David Farguson [sic] & Marg't Huggins before the Date of the s'd Deed of which this is a Mem'l & for & in cons'n of the sum of one hundred & fifty pounds as a Marriage portion p'd by the s'd Jn'o Huggins to the s'd Dav'd Farguson on Account of s'd Marriage

... And the s'd Deed of which this is a Mem'l is Witnessed by W'm Espy of Caledon in the County of Tyrone Cooper & Joseph Caldwell of Griby in the County of Monaghan Farmer & John Neilson of Calledon afores'd Gent And this Mem'l is Witnessed by the said John Neilson & Tho's Stewart of Glasslough in the County of Monaghan Apothecary

     __ David Ferguson (seal) __

... Signed Sealed & Delivered in the presence of

     __ John Neilson __ Tho's Stewart __

... The above named John Neilson came this day before me & made Oath that he was Present & Did See the above ment'd [mentioned] John Huggins & Andrew Ferguson duly Sign & Execute the above ment'd Deed of w'ch [which] the above is a Mem'l & Deposeth he was also present & did See the above ment'd David Ferguson duly Sign & Execute the above Mem'l & Deposeth he is a Subscribing Witness to the s'd Deed & also to this Mem'l

     __ John Neilson __

... Sworn before me at Anketilly Grove in the County of Monaghan the 5'th day of February One Thous'd Seven hund'd & forty two by Virt [Virtue] of a Common [Commission] to me Directed for taking Affid'ts [Affidavits] in and for s'd County. I am acquainted w'th the Dep't [Deponent]

     __ Will Johnston __ Oli Anketell __ Bap Johnston __
     Justices of the peace for the County of Monaghan

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Transcriber's notes:


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An apostrophe indicates that the letters following were written in superscript in the original text. The affected words were contractions or abbreviations.


Although this deed states that Farraher, or Farruter, was situated in the parish of Aghaloo, a later deed cites the townland name as Farriter, in the parish of Killeeshil.


This transcript includes paragraph breaks whereas the original text appears as one paragraph without any indentation.

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