1745-11-01: 176-195-118535: Marshall to Craig

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 176-195-118535: Marshall to Craig (dated 1 Nov 1745; reg'rd 3 Oct 1755). Copy per FHL film no. 461375. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2016-09-22. Please cite your sources.

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marshall to craig

[Title:] [1]
No. 118535: To the Register appointed for the registring of Deeds Wills & Conveyances &c by Act of Parliament

[Notes in margin:]
Marshall to Craig
[2] the 3'd day of October 1755 at 10 oClock in the fore Noon

[Body of memorial:]
  A Memorial of a Deed of Lease bearing date the first Day of November one thousand Seven hundred and forty five between John Marshall of Armagh and County of Armagh Gent [3] of the one part and Joseph Crage of Clundavagh [Glendavagh] in the parish of Aughalow and County of Tyrone Farmer of the other part [3]

... whereby the said John Marshall hath thereby Set and to farm let unto the said Joseph Crage his Ex'rs [Executors] Adm'rs [Administrators] and Assigns all that part or parcell of the Town land of Clundavagh, formerly in the possession of Mary Holliday and John Anderson and then in the possession of him the said Joseph Crage containing by Estimation Ten Acres Irish Measure [4] be the Same more or less lying and being in the lands of Bellymagrane parish of Aughalow and County of Tyrone aforesaid

... To have and to hold unto the said Joseph Crage his Ex'rs Adm'rs and Assigns for and during the Natural life and lives of Henry Marshall Son to Joseph Marshall of Annaghrow [sic]  Robert Henderson Son to Robert Henderson of Ramakitt and Galbraith Lowry Son to Robert Lowry late of Aughenis Esq'r all in the parish of Aughalow and County Tyrone aforesaid or the life of the longest liver of them  yielding and paying yearly and every year during the term of the Natural life and lives of the said Henry Marshall  Robert Henderson and Galbraith Lowry unto the said John Marshall his Ex'rs Adm'rs and Assigns the Sum of five shillings Sterling per acre Irish Measure with the yearly Dutys of one Days work of Man and horse  the said Rent to be paid by two even and equal Gales in the year on every first day of May and every first Day of November

... and the said Deed of which this is a Memorial further imports that the said John Marshall his Ex'rs Adm'rs [and] Assigns shall and will from time to time and at all times here after upon the Death of any two of the lives herein before mentioned insert two other lives in their stead in Six Months after the Death of the two aforesaid Lives and renew the said Lease and insert Such other two lives in their place and Stead as in the said John Marshall his Ex'rs Adm'rs or Assigns as in their grant [grand] lease shall be inserted upon the like Renewall and that at and under the same Rents and Covenants as in the present Deed contained he the said Joseph Craig [sic] his Ex'rs Adm'rs or Assigns first paying as a fine unto the said John Marshall his Ex'rs Adm'rs or Assigns for every two such lives to be inserted the Sum of Eleven Shillings and one penny over and above the yearly rent

... and the said Deed of which this is a Memorial is witnessed by John Rea of Aughnacloy in the County of Tyrone Apothecary and by John Marshall of the Town and County of Armagh Blacksmith  & this Memorial is witnessed by the said John Rea and by Rich'd Gough of Calledon in the County of Tyrone Parish Clerk

     __ Joseph Craig (Seal) __

... Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of

     Jo'n Rea, Rich'd Gough,

... The above named John Rea came this Day before me and made Oath that he was personally present and did See the above named John Marshall the Lessor and Joseph Craig duly Sign Seal and Execute the above recited Deed of which the above writing is a Memorial and was also present and did See the said Joseph Craige [sic] duly Sign Seal and execute the above Memorial and deposeth that he this Depon't [Deponent] is a Subscribing witness to both said Deed and Memorial and that the name John Rea Subscribed to both as a witness is this Depon'ts [Deponent's] proper handwriting,

     Jo'n Rea,

... Sworn before me at Anketells Grove in the County of Monaghan the 30'th day of May 1755 by virtue of a Commission to me directed for taking affid'ts in the Country and I know the Depon't

     __ Will Johnston

... Two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Monaghan present,

     Jo: Moutray __ Oli: Anktell

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This John Marshall may have been the same who had been identified in 1710 as John Marshall of Clandavagh in the Vestry Minutes for the parish church of Caledon [source a, below]. He may also have been the John Marshall of Armagh who married Vincentia Creichtoun on the 27th October 1743. [source b, below] According to this resource: Vincentia was third daughter and co-heiress, with her sisters, of John Creichtoun of Aghalane, county Fermanagh; Vincentia's brother-in-law was George Bond (d.1747) of Tyra (also spelt Tirragh, Teeraw, Tyragh, &c.), parish of Grange, county Armagh [note c, below]; John Marshall of Armagh died on the 15th September 1755; and, Vincentia's will was proved in 1763, with no indication whether there was issue of the marriage. The registration of both this memorial (no. 176-195-118535) and that of no. 176-193-118534, Marshall to Cochran, on the 30th May 1755 suggests that Mr. Marshall—who seems to have been formerly of Glendavagh—may have fallen ill and the lessees, therefore, wished to protect their leasehold interests by ensuring the registration of their respective memorials as soon as possible.  Source and notes: [a] Marshall, John J. Vestry Book of the Parish of Aghalow (Caledon, County Tyrone). Dungannon: The Tyrone Printing Co., Ltd., 1935. [b] Steele, John Haughton. Genealogy of the Earls of Erne. Edinburgh: printed privately by T. and A. Constable, 1910 (pp. 30, 32). [c] Later deeds indicate that some portion of the townland of Tyra devolved onto the Rev. Joseph Marshall (1801–1866) of Parsonstown, county Offaly.


This transcript includes paragraph breaks whereas the original text appears as one paragraph without any indentation.


Acreages were usually stated in terms of English (Statute), Irish (Plantation), or Scots (Cunningham) measures. An Irish acre = 1.62 statute acres, and a Cunningham acre = 1.3 statute acres.

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