1759-02-26: 202-470-134796: Marshall to Gledstances

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 202-470-134796: Marshall & others to Gledstances (dated 26 & 27 Feb 1759; reg'rd 16 Feb 1760). Copy per FHL film no. 461388. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2016-10-08. Please cite your sources.

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marshall to gledstances

[Title:] [1]
No. 134796: To the Register app'd [appointed] [2] for Regist'g [Registering] Deeds Convey's [Conveyances] & soforth

[Notes in margin:]
Marshall & oth'rs to Gledstances
Reg'rd y'e 16'th day of Feb'ry 1760 at 1/2 an hour after 5 O Clock in the Afternoon

[Body of memorial:]
  A Memorial of Indented Deeds of Lease & Release dated Respectively twenty sixth & twenty Seventh days of Feb'ry One thous'd Seven hun'd & Fifty nine & made Between Hen'ry [sic] Marshall of Mullaghmussagh in the C'o of Tyrone Gent of the first part  Joseph Marshall Eld'st son & heir at law of Jos'h Marshall of Clangeen [Glenkeen] in s'd C'o Gent deced [deceased] of the Sec'd part  Galbraith Lowrey of Aghenis in the s'd C'o Esq'r of the third part & Marg't Gledstanes [sic] of Fardross [3] in the s'd C'o Wid'w of the fourth part [4]

... Reciting y't [that] Tho's Whyte of Redhill in C'o of Cavan Esq'r by Indented Deed dated the first Nov'r One thous'd Seven hun'd & thirteen demised unto Jos'h Marshall Sen'r of Anaghroe in the parish of Auchelow [Aghaloo] & C'o of Tyrone All y't the Townland of Clandavagh [Glendavagh] Together with three plant'n [plantation] acres [5] of the Turf Moss or bogg Belonging to the Townland of Mullynahorn Situate lying & being in the manor of Ballymagrane parish of Auchelow & C'o of Tyrone afores'd with all houses Edifices and Buildings to s'd prems [premises] Belonging during the life & lives of s'd Henry Marshall party to s'd Deed son to s'd Jos'h Marshall Sen'r  Rob't Henderson son to Rob't Henderson of Ramacket & s'd Galbraith Lowry [sic] & the Longest liver of them & for & during the lives & life of any other pson [person] or psons thereafter [to] be added by Virtue of a Cov't [Covenant] for Renew'l forever at the Yearly rent of Fifty four p'ds [pounds] payable half yearly & a fine of twenty p'ds upon every Renew'l

... & s'd Jos'h Marshall is since dead but before his death made his Will & devised unto his son s'd Henry Marshall & the heirs of his body the afores'd Lands

... & failing such issue he Devised same to his son s'd Jos'h Marshall his heirs & ass's [assigns] forever

... & s'd Jos'h Marshall y'e Younger is dead

... & s'd Jos'h Marshall party to These presents is his Eld'st son & heir at Law

... & s'd Deeds Witness y't s'd Henry & Jos'h Marshall for the Consid'ns in s'd Deeds did grant Bargain Sell Assign & make over unto s'd Marg't Gledstance [sic] & her heirs All y't s'd Town & Lands of Clandavagh in the C'o of Tyrone Together with s'd Deed
[6] y'e full Benefitt & Advantage thereof

... To hold unto s'd Marg't Gladstances [sic] her heirs & Ass's for the lives & life of s'd Henry Marshall  Rob't Henderson & Galbraith Lowery for the life & lives of such pson or psons as shall from time to time forever hereafter be added  Subject to y'e paym't of the rent & fines & to the pformance [performance] of all the Cov'ts & agreem'ts in s'd Recited Deed Cont'd [Contained] in w'ch [which] s'd Deeds there are Sev'll [Several] other Clauses Cov'ts & agreem'ts

... & the same is Witnessed by Jam's Gladstances of Fordross Esq'r  W'm Flanagan of the same Yeoman & Geo. Allen of Clogher Gent all in the C'o of Tyrone & this Mem'l is witnessed by the s'd W'm Flanagan & Jam's Graham of Slatmore in the s'd C'o Farmer

     __ Marg't Gledstances (Seal) __

... Signed Sealed & Executed in presence of

     __ Will: Flanagan __ James Graham __

... The above named W'm Flanagan maketh oath y't he is a Subscrib'g Witness to the Deed of w'ch y'e above is a Mem'l [Memorial] & y't he saw the same duly Executed by the parties thereto & saith y't he saw this Mem'l duly Executed by the above named Marg't Gledstances & y't the name W'm Flanagan Subscribed to the s'd Deed & this Mem'l is this deponants [sic] proper Name and hand Writing and that he Delivered the Same to M'r William Hall Deputy The Sixteenth day of February 1760 at or near Half an hour after Five O'Clock in the Afternoon

     __ Will: Flanagan __

... Sworn before me this Sixteenth day of February 1760 __ Will Hall Dep Reg'r [Deputy Register]

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Transcriber's notes:


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An apostrophe indicates that the letter or letters following were raised, or written in superscript, in the original text.


Fardross, parish of Clogher, Barony of Clogher.


This transcript includes paragraph breaks whereas the original text appears as one paragraph without any indentation.


Acreages were usually stated in terms of English (Statute), Irish (Plantation), or Scots (Cunningham) measures. An Irish acre = 1.62 statute acres, and a Cunningham acre = 1.3 statute acres.


[-] signifies an illegible character.

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