1766-12-15: 285-140-185911: Marshall to Marshall

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 285-140-185911: Marshall to Marshall (dated 15 Dec 1766; reg'rd 27 Apr 1771). Copy per FHL film no. 531658. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2016-10-24. Please cite your sources.

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marshall to marshall

[Title:] [1]
No. 185911

[Notes in margin:]
To the regis'r [register] [2] app'd [appointed] to Reg'r Deeds Convey's [Conveyances] and Wills
Marshall to Marshall
Reg'd 27'th April 1771 at 6 oClock in the After noon

[Body of memorial:]
  A Memorial of a Lease bearing date the fifteenth day of Decem'r one thous'd seven hund'd and sixty six made Between Henry Marshall of Mullaghmossagh in the Parish of Aghallow and County of Tyrone of the one part & Jn'o Marshall Son of the s'd Henry Marshall of the same Townland of the other part [3]

... Whereby y'e s'd Henry Marshall did demise and Sett unto the s'd Jn'o Marshall that part of Clandavagh then in the Possion [Possession] of Jn'o M'c Avin & Bryan Lonaghan cont'g [containing] Twenty seven Acres plantation Measure [4] commonly known by the name of Ki[-]s [Kils, or Kibs] Farm

... to commence from the first day of Novem'r then last past and also three Acres more of the Farm now Possed [Possesed] by People of the name of Nails in Clandavagh afores'd

... amounting in the whole to thirty Acres Plantation Measure which s'd last Mentioned three Acres the s'd Jn'o Marshall was not to Enjoy till the Expiration of s'd Nails Lease from Henry Marshall

... tog'r [together] with a Proportionable part of the Turff Bog of the s'd Henry Marshalls in Mallynahorn

... the s'd Premes [Premises] situate in the Manor of Ballymagrane Parish of Aghallow & County of Tyrone tog'r with all Appurces [Appurtenances] (Except as in s'd Lease is Excepted)

... To Hold to the s'd Jn'o Marshall his heirs and Ass's [Assigns] during the lives of the s'd Henry Marshall Rob't Henderson of Creely and Galbraith Lowry Corry Esq'r of Aghenis all in s'd County at and under the Yearly rent of Five pounds Ster [Sterling] payable half Yearly above Taxes with one Bushall of clean Shillen and one pound of fine Yarn or five Shillings in lieu of s'd Shilling & yarn

... which s'd Rent of Five pounds Ster is declared by the s'd Henry Marshall by endorsement on the back of s'd Lease to be intended towards the Discharge of the Ground rent [5] of s'd Prem'se to Fran's Whyte of Red Hills in the County of Cavan Esq'r and that s'd Henry Marshall his Heirs or Assigns shall not Claim s'd Rent to his or their own Use

... and the s'd Henry Marshall did by s'd Lease Covenant with the s'd Jn'o Marshall his Heirs and Ass's that the s'd Henry Marshall his Heirs or Ass's shall and will from time to time for ever thereafter from the Deaths of any two of the lives or upon the Death of any two Lives thereafter to be incerted within six Months after the Deaths of the first two Lives to renew s'd Lease and incert such other two lives in the place of such Lives as may happen so to Dye as by the s'd Jn'o Marshall his Heirs or Assigns shall be nominated at and under the like Rent and Covenants as in s'd Lease Contained the s'd Jn'o Marshall his Heirs or Assigns first paying as a fine the Sum of two pounds Ster [Sterling] for said Renewalls

... Which s'd Lease and this Memorial are Witness'd by John Maculla of Caledon Gent and Robert Ker of Anagh Gent both in the County of Tyrone

     Henry Marshall (seal)

... Signed & Sealed in the psence [presence] of us

     Jn'o Maculla  Robert Kerr

... The above named Robert Kerr maketh Oath that he saw the above named Henry Marshall & Jn'o Marshall duly Sign and Seal the Deed of Lease of which the above Writing is a Memorial and that he also Saw the s'd Henry Marshall duly Sign and Seal the s'd Memorial and that he this Depon't [Deponent] is a Subscribing Witness to the s'd Deed of Lease and s'd Memorial and that the name Rob't Kerr is this Deponants proper hand Writing

     Robert Kerr

... Taken and Sworn before me by Virtue of a Commission for taking Aff'ts [Affidavits] in the Country this 20'th of April 1771 Seventy one [sic] and I know the Dep't

     Hamilton Pringle

... Sworn in psence of us

     Ham Stuart  Thos Verner
     Justices for the County of Tyrone __

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Acreages were usually stated in terms of English (Statute), Irish (Plantation), or Scots (Cunningham) measures. An Irish acre = 1.62 statute acres, and a Cunningham acre = 1.3 statute acres.


Ground rent: rent paid for the privilege of building on another man's ground. Source: Tegg, Thomas. London Encyclopædia. Vol. X. London, 1829. (pg. 695)

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