1777-01-31: 397-407-265066: Maxwell to Dunlop

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 397-407-265066: Maxwell to Dunlop (dated 31 Jan 1777; reg'rd 8 Nov 1788). Copy per FHL film no. 532586. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2016-11-30. Please cite your sources.

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maxwell to dunlop

[Title:] [1]
No. 265066  To the Reg'r [Register] [2] app'd [appointed] by Act of Parlt [Parliament] for reg'g [registering] Deeds Wills Convey's [Conveyances] & soforth

[Notes in margin:]
Maxwell to Dunlapp
Reg'd 8th Nov'r 1788 at two OClock

[Body of memorial:]
  A Mem'l [Memorial] of a Renewal of an Indented Lease indented & bear'g Date the thirty first day of Jan'y one thous'd seven hund'd & seventy seven [3]

... recit'g that Jn Marshall of Armagh in the Co'y of Armagh Gent did by Indre [Indenture] of Lease by him duly exec'd [executed] and thereunto annexed dated first Oct'r one thous'd seven hund'd & forty six did demise grant sett & to farm let unto Tho's Dunlap [sic] of Mullnahorn in the Parish of Aughalow & Co'y of Tyrone his Heirs & Ass's [Assigns] all that part or Parcell of the TownLand of Clandavagh [Glendavagh] then form'y [formerly?] in the Possion [Possession] of Nath'l Miller & then in the possion of him the said Thomas Dunlap cont'g [containing] by Estim'n [Estimation] twenty Acres Irish Measure be the same more or less & being in the Manor of Ballymegrane Parish of Aghelow & Co'y of Tyrone afs'd [aforesaid] tog'r [together] with all ditches buildings Gardens & other Appurt's [Appurtenances] whats'r [whatsoever] unto the same belong'g or in any wise appert'g [appertaining]

... To have and to hold all & sing'r [singular] the thereby dem'd [demised] Premes [Premises] with their Appurt's unto him the said Thomas Dunlap his Heirs & Ass's for and dur'g [during] the Nat'll [Natural] Life & Lives of Henry Marshall Son to Jos'h Marshall of Anaghroe  Rob't Henderson Son of Rob't Henderson of Ramkitt & Galb'th [Galbraith] Lowry Son to Rob't Lowry late of Aghens [Aghenis] Esq'r all in the Parish of Aughalow & Co'y of Tyrone afs'd or the Life of the longest Liver of them

... he the said Tho's Dunlap his Exors [Executors] Admors [Administrators] or Ass's yield'g & pay'g thereout yrly [yearly] & ev'y [every] year unto the said John Marshall his Heirs & Ass's the y'rly Rent or Sum of four Shill's [Shillings] & Six Pence St'g [Sterling] by the Acre for ev'y Acre Irish Measure for the first Four years of said Lease and five Shill's St'g by the Acre for every Acre Irish measure beginning at the Expir'n [Expiration] of the s'd First four Years the dem'd Premes cont'd tog'r with the y'rly duties of one days Work of Man and Horse on ev'y First Day of May First Day of Novem'r from and after the Day of the date

... in which s'd Deed is cont'd [contained] a Cov't [Covenant] for perp'll [perpetual] ren'll [renewal] on the fall of two Lives pay'g one Pound St'g for each ren'll

... and recit'g that it was mutually agreed by & between John Dunlap Son & Heir of Tho's Dunlap late of Glendavagh in the Parish of Aghalow & Co'y of Tyrone the Leassee [sic] in the annex'd Lease & Ja's Marshall of Omagh [sic] in the said Co'y Heir of Jn'o Marshall late of Omagh [sic] [4] in the Co'y of Armagh G't [Gentleman] deced [deceased] the Lessor that the Lives of John Cochran Son of James Cochran of Glenkeen in the Parish of Aghalow & Co'y of Tyrone aged about twenty eight Years & Joseph Marshall eldest Son of Joseph Marshall of Blackwatertown in the s'd Co'y of Armagh Merch't aged about twelve years be inserted in the Room ^& Stead^ [5] of Galbraith Lowry Esq & Rob't Henderson deced purs't [pursuant] to the Cov't of Ren'll in the ann'd [annexed] Lease

... and the therein above ment'd [mentioned] Ja's Maxwell did thereby acknowledge to have rec'd [received] the Sum of one Pound St'g from the s'd Jn'o Dunlap as a fine in consid'n [consideration] of said Ren'll & thereof did thereby discharge the s'd Jn'o Dunlap  w'ch [which] s'd Ren'll

... whereof the above wr'g [writing] is a Mem'l is Witn'd [Witnessed] by Joseph Gibson of Aughnacloy & Rob't Coghlan of Strabane both in the County of Tyrone G't & this Mem'l is Witnessed by the s'd Jos Gibson & And'w Young of Monaghan in the Co'y of Monaghan G't Att'ry [Attorney]

     John ^his X mark^ Dunlop [sic] (Seal) [6]

... Signed Sealed & deliv'd [delivered] being first duly Stamped in presence of

     And'w Young  Jos Gibson __

... Joseph Gibson of Aughnacloy in the Co'y of Tyrone Gent came this Day before me & made Oath that he this Dep't [Deponent] is a sub'g [subscribing] witness to the Ren'll of the Lease whereof the above wr'g is a Mem'l & saw the same duly exec'd [executed] by the ^perfect'g^ [perfecting] parties thereto and also saw the above Mem'l duly exec'd by the above named John Dunlop & saith that the name Joseph Gibson Sub [Subscribed] as a Witness to said Ren'll & this Mem'l is of this Dep's [Deponent's] proper name & handw'g

     Jo's Gibson.

... Sworn before me at Monaghan in the Co'y of Monaghan the third Day of Nov'r 1788 by virtue of a Common [Commission] to me directed & I know the Depon't

     John Humphrys

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This may well have been James Maxwell of Omagh who, on the 13th January, had acted as legal representative for James Marshall, lately deceased, in another transaction with respect to Glendavagh townland (Memorial no. 312-563-210898).


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