1718-11-01: Hamilton to Thompson (Culligan)

Source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast). “Hamilton to Thompson lease in Culligan, 1st November 1718.” In, Transactions Relateing [sic] to Caledon Estate Since the Grant Thereof to William Hamilton Esq. by King Charles the 2nd. Archival ref. PRONI D2433/A/5/3 (accessed and transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, 15 September 2017). Please cite your sources.

Please note that text appearing within [square brackets] represents editorial marks or comments.


Part of Culligan contain’g [containing] 44 Acres

Sett to Isiah Thompson from 1st Novemb’r 1718 for Forty Yrs & a half ––

This Farm sett to Rob’t Ellis from May 1749 at 10 P [Per] Acre

Sett to the Rev’d W’m Ambrose from Nov’r 1763 at 11 P Acre
… from Nov’r 1766 at 13 P Acre

This Farm sett to John McNespy Eq’r[?] at 18 P Acre from Nov’r 1767

[note in margin:]

     Rent £6:– – [£6 0s. 0d.]
     Dut’s [Duties] – :11:6 [11s. 6d.]
     [Total:] £6:11:6

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