1735-05-01: Hamilton to Huggins (Glenarb)

Source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast). “Hamilton to Higgins [sic] lease in Glenarb, 1st May 1735.” In, Transactions Relateing [sic] to Caledon Estate Since the Grant Thereof to William Hamilton Esq. by King Charles the 2nd. Archival ref. PRONI D2433/A/5/3 (accessed and transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, Nov. 2003). Please cite your sources.


Part of Kedew cont:g abt. 73 acres [pg. 252].

  Sett to John Higgins [sic] from 1 May 1735 for
the lives of said John Higgins, John Higgins
his son and Wm Pringle third son of John Pringle
Yearly Rent £24:15:8 payable half yearly
above Taxes (Quit Rent excepted) Duties 8 Shs
and two days work at the Mill Races or 1 Shg in lieu
thereof. The Lessee to Build One Dwelling
House 42 foot long 20 foot wide and 8 foot high
with office Houses suitable to said Dwellg Houses.
To Plant an Orchard with 50 Apple and Pear Trees
and the rest of the Improvements in the former
Lease, or to pay an adl Rent of £3:10:0 a/year
Turff in Bog of Kedew &c.

          Improvements returned by
          John Huggins May 1752
  One Dwelling House 10 feet high 20 feet wide
and 45 feet long of Brick and Lime Office Houses
conformable, number of Ash 360  Tenants
under John Huggins viz.

[Transcriber's note: The following was written in the left-hand margin:]

  John Huggins
  the Lessee dead.
  Now possessed
  by his Son.
  1756 John, the
  Son died.

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This page was published on the 3rd December, and edited subsequently on the 4th December 2015 (for the size of the acreage under lease).

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