1735-05-01 & 1752-05-01: Hamilton to James Thompson

Source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast). “Hamilton to Thompson lease in Crievelaght, 1st May 1735.” In, Transactions Relateing [sic] to Caledon Estate Since the Grant Thereof to William Hamilton Esq. by King Charles the 2nd. Archival ref. PRONI D2433/A/5/3 (accessed and transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, 15 Sept. 2017). Please cite your sources.

Please note that text appearing within [square brackets] represents editorial marks or comments.


[first page, no. 128:]

Crievelaught  James Thompson
Caledon  May 1st 1752  M.O

Improvem’ts done on this Farm according to s’d [said] Thompson Acc’t [Account] ——

  A Good Dwelling House built of Stone and Lime and Office Houses Conformable ––
  One thousand Ash trees Planted
  On Inspection this Farm is unimproved except about the number given in Just about the House, the House tolerably good the Orchard very good
  James Thompson to pay the additional Rent for non performance of Covenants from 1st May 1752, but if in the space of three Yrs from that time he performs the Covenants of Plantation and preserves the same for 7 Yrs then the additional Rent of £4:15 to cease from that time & not otherwise

[notes in the margin:]

     Observations & Directions
        said James hath let 34 Acres without leave obtained
     of his Land Lord to two under Tenants at 6L 2d [£6 2d]
     P [Per] Acre  no doubt he had set the worst of the Land
     of Consequence  y’e whole Farm is worth 6s:9d P Acre
     and may, by the time the Leases expires, be worth more

[second page, no. 129:]

Part of Crievelaght containg [containing] 118 Acres at 4lb P Acre

Sett to William & James Thompson from 1st May 1735, for the Lives of the said of the sd James Thompson  John Swan, third son of William Swan of Caledon, and William Harriott son of Widow Harriott of Raghaghy. Yearly Rent £23:12:0 payable half Yearly above Taxes (Quit Rent excepted) Duties Ten Shill’s [Shillings] and two days Work at the Mill Races or One Shill’g in lieu thereof

The Lessees to Build One Dwelling House 40 foot long 18 foot wide & 8 foot high And Office Houses suitable to said Dwelling House ––

To Plant an Orchard with 50 Apple & Pear trees

The rest of the Improvem’ts as in the former Lease [emphasis added by transcriber] or to pay an Additional Rent of £4:15 P Yr [Per Year[ in Case Clauses are not fulfilled ––

And if Alienated without consent to pay an additional Rent of £4:15:0 P Yr

Turff Bog in Crievelaght &c

said John Swan dead
said W’m Harriott dyed 9th June 1780
James Thompson dyed 8th Sep’r 1783 – by which the Lease expired

[notes in the margin:]

     Jn’o Swan dead

     Rent £23 : 12s : 0d
     Dut’s [Duties] 10s : 0d
     [total:] £23 : 2s : 0d [sic]

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