1794(?): Huggins and Girvin

Source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast. Huggins and Girvin re: lease of Greenvale, county Armagh. Archival ref. PRONI D889/1/41B (dated 1794?); (accessed and extract by Alison Kilpatrick, November 2003).
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  • The following transcript contains gaps, as indicated by the [...] markings.
  • This document comprises one in a bundle of four, held by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast), PRONI ref. D889/1/41B. The other three documents are: (1) the copy will of John Huggins, Glenarb, dated 28th July 1795; (2) legal advisor's copy of case concerning the bargain made between John Huggins and James Girvin (extracted, below), with Council's opinion (study pending); and, (3) assignment of 8th June 1837 between Best Teir [Fair], of Newry, and John Huggins, of 31 acres English, of Tassagh.


Memorandum of a bargain made between Mr John Huggins and James Girvin: Said Jno Huggins agrees to grant a lease of Greenvale, the lands, water and other appurtenances ... to James Girvin for the term of (31) years to commence at November last, for the present chief rent payable to James Kidd, together with the interest at [illegible] percent of the purchase paid by Sd [Said] Jno Huggins to William Harkness for said lands of Greenvale. Deducting... (100£) or the interest ... yearly out of the yearly rent to Sd James Girvin on account of a part of Sd lands of Greenvale called the plantation, which is reserved by Sd Jno Huggins, in his lease to Sd James Girvin.

     ... Transcriber's note: Here follows a similar paragraph regarding
     moveable items purchased at an auction, to Jno Huggins if James
     Girvin does not "think proper to hold;" for other moveable items kept
     "shall pay to John Huggins the interest of the purchase ... included in
     the sum of the yearly rent," &c. ... followed by another paragraph
     regarding improvements made by James Girvin "shall be paid by
     John Huggins and that James Girvin shall pay to John Huggins the
     interest ... together with his yearly rent."

  Said James Girvin agrees also to take the lands of Tasregh [Tassagh] purchased at same time by Sd John Huggins on the same terms ... provided the lease shall so long continue.

Present  Joseph Smith  John Huggins Sen'r  James Girvin

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