1796-07-18: Lord Charlemont to Huggins

Source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast. Lord Charlemont to Huggins. PRONI ref. D2433/A/45/6, dated 18 July 1796 (accessed 2003-11). Extracts by Alison Kilpatrick. Please cite your sources.

Short abstract:
   No. 6 - 18 July 1796 - John Stronge Esqre to Jane Huggins - Lease of Glenorbe for 21 years - Yearly rent £1 - 2 - 9. per acre. Recvrs. fees 6d. per £. 79A 3R 2P Eng. measure.

Longer abstract:
   Indenture made 18 July 1796 between John Stronge Esqre of Liverpool and Jane Huggins of Glenorb, Widow. Lands of Glenorb. Mentions Mill Dams and Mill Seats. Also agreed that the said Jean [sic] Huggins, her heirs and assigns are to do suit and service at the Marnstomed[?] Courts Leet and Courts Barron [Baron]. From 1st November last, during natural Lives of Andrew Thomas Lord Blayney and the Hon. Dupré Alexander Son to the present Lord Calledon, or during the life of the longest liver of them. Lease for 21 years or during the natural lives [etc., as aforesaid]. Yearly rent of £1 2s 10d by the Acre for every Acre rood and perch. Receivers fees 6d per £.

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Transcriber's note: This lease is repeated in PRONI ref. D2433/A/1/695/5.

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