1798-06-09: Huggins to Burrowes

Source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast. Memorial of conveyance: William Huggins, Gortgonis, county Tyrone, to James Burrowes, Stangmore, county Tyrone, relating to Moy. PRONI ref. D485/5, dated 9 June 1798 (accessed 2003-11). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.
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The following is an extract of the contents of the deed:

To the Register appointed by act of Parliament for the registering of all Deeds Conveyances and so forth.
  A Memorial of an indented Deed of Conveyance bearing date the ninth day of June one thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight and made between William Huggins of Gortgonis in the County of Tyrone Esquire of the one part and James Burrowes of Stangmore in said County Merchant of the other part whereby ... William Huggins did for the consideration therein mentioned grant sell convey and make over —— unto ... James Burrowes ... all that tenement formerly held by Faithful Graham and situate in the town of Moy and County of Tyrone ... said Tenement had been originally set and to farm let unto —— Charles Man of Aghatarragh in the County of Armagh by the Reverend James Dobbin, of Moy aforesaid Clerk, and by the Daughter and Coheiresses of the said Charles Mann ... conveyed to ... William Huggins and fines thereof levied to ... William Huggins ... To hold the said Tenement and premises to him the said James Burrowes ... for and during the time and term then to come and unexpired of the original Lease of said Tenement from ... James Dobbins [sic] to ... Charles Mann which Deed contains many other clauses and covenants and is witnessed by

William Huggins (seal)

Present: John Huggins  Mathew Gilmer  David Chambers

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Transcriber's note: This deed was cited in 1798-06-01: Harpur and Chambers to Huggins.

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