1802-02-07: Huggins to Harpur

Source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast. Assignments of leases as from 1 November 1799; Consideration £45; William Huggins, Coalisland, county Tyrone, to Edward Harpur, jun., Moy, county Tyrone. PRONI ref. D485/6, dated 7 February 1802 (accessed 2003-11). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.
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The following are extracts of the indenture and leases cited:

  An Indenture made the twenty eighth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and two between William Huggins of Coal Island in the County of Tyrone, Esq. ... and Edward Harpur of Moy in said County of Tyrone Junior Merchant ... Whereas by a certain indented deed bearing date on or about the fifteenth day of February one thousand seven hundred and eighty five and made between Edward Harpur of ... Moy Senior Gentleman ... and Charles Mann then of Moy ... now deceased ..., Edward Harpur Senior for the consideration therein mentioned did demise grant set to farm let unto ... Charles Mann all that part parcel or plot of ground in the town of Moy ... lying and being between that Tenement then in the possession of Mathias Tobias and that tenement then possessed by the representatives of Timothy Daly then deceased on the left hand side of the road ledding [sic] from the square or diamond of said town to Stewartstown containing by Estimation in fifty five feet and a half ... and ... the said premises with the appurtenances to ... Charles Mann ... from the first day of November then last part for and during the natural life and lives of their then present Majesties George the Third ... and the survivor of them at the yearly rent of one pound fourteen shillings and eight pence Sterling with twelve pence by the pound Receivers fees and which Indenture contains a clause or covenant for perpetual Renewal ... and also many other clauses and Covenants.

Other deeds cited:

  • 10 January 1786. Edward Harpur Senior and Charles Mann; Tenement in Moy formerly possessed by Widow O'Neill late of Moy; adjacent to Edward Harpur's land and John McClelland's house; formerly possessed by James Buglass; estimated sixty six feet in front; in actual possession of Charles Mann and his under tenants; premises and appurtenances to Charles Mann; from first November last; during the life of Edward Harpur party to said Indenture  John Holbrook son of John Holbrook of Arbrevag [?] and John Reed son of James Reed of Shanmoy and the life of the Survivor(s); rent, fifteen shillings.
  • 15 August 1792; Edward Harpur Senior and Charles Mann; in the town of Moy; formerly possessed by Mathias Tobias; front forty feet, rere forty and a half feet; adjacent to Tenement formerly demised by Hamilton Peebles and another by Patrick Murphy and also to Charles Mann; to Charles Mann, from first November last; and during natural lives of Mathias Tobias, Evans Tobias then of the City of Armagh Blacksmith and John Heather son of John Heather then late of Gorestown deceased and the life of the Survivor(s); rent, £1.
  • 29 April 1786; Mathias Tobias and Charles Mann; to Charles Mann; part of Matthias Tobias' Tenement; estimated eleven feet front (between houses of Tobias and Mann); in actual possession of Mann; to Charles Mann from first November last; during lives mentioned in Tobias' lease of the said demised premises held by him from and under Edward Harpur and the life of the Survivor(s); rent, five shillings sixpence.
  • 10 January 1780; William Whiteside of Grange in parish of Clonfekle and County of Tyrone and Charles Mann; Garden of Tenement in Moy at rear of Tenement where John Gillespy and then James Hobson [?] did live; what the plot of ground would measure at the price of three pounds by the acre; from first November last; during natural life in the ground [grand?] Lease held under the Right Honorable James then Earl of Charlemont with right of Renewal as often as was required by the Grand lease for ever.

And whereas the said Charles Mann is since dead leaving Lillias and Margaret his Daughters and Coheiresses at law, the former of whom (Lillias) intermarried with Edward Harpur ... and the latter (Margaret) with David Chambers Gentleman. And whereas [these four parties] did by a certain deed ... sell assign convey and make over all the right title and Interest of ... premises ... to ... William Huggins ... and did in due form of law levy a fine thereof to ... William Huggins his heirs and assigns by which all the remaining right of ... Charles Mann and all the Interest of ... Lillias and Margaret in the said premises are now actually vested in ... William Huggins ... for and in consideration of the sum of forty five pounds Sterling to him in hand paid by ... Edward Harpur ... William Huggins hath bargained [etc.] and by these presents doth grant [etc.] unto ... Edward Harpur ... in consideration of five shillings sterling for the term of one whole year and by force and virtue of the Statute for transferring uses into possession and to his Heirs and assigns. All the tenements and premises before particularly mentioned ... with all the right title and interest property claim and domains either at law or in equity of him the said William Huggins ... To have and to hold the said premises with the appurtenances to him the said Harpur ... from the first of November one thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine ...

Written on the exterior of the conveyance:

I acknowledge to have received from the within named Edward Harpur the sum of forty five pounds ten shillings Sterling being the consideration money within mentioned the day and year first within written. £45 10 —— William Huggins.

Present – David Chambers.

"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."—Lesley Poles Hartley (1895–1972), The Go-Between (1953).

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