Timeline for the parishes of Kilrea and Tamlaght O'Crilly

Comments on the scope of these timelines:
   The compiler offers these timelines to provide an outline of key events, specifically within the parishes of Kilrea and Tamlaght O'Crilly through the year, 1852: this year coincides with the end of the Great Famine. It is hoped that such a chronology might provide basic socio-economic context for family history research in these parishes.
  The objective of these timelines is to focus on these two parishes. A few, but by no means all, of the larger scale events which occurred in the rest of the county of Derry, the province of Ulster, and indeed, all of Ireland, have not been input into these timelines. The usefulness of such localized timelines is limited if, in trying to obtain a cultural and historical context of one area, one does not also study the broader history of Ireland through the centuries. For example, the penal codes, the Act of Union, the factors leading to the 1641 or 1798 rebellions, the policies of the English monarchy, etc. provide context for the local events in these parishes.
   With the exception of Brian Carrogh O'Neill who died in 1586, scant information has been input into the first two timelines about the ruling Gaelic chieftains and sub-chieftains who held sway in the territories comprising these parishes through the early 1600s. In order to parse the events germane to the area comprising the parishes of Kilrea and Tamlaght O'Crilly, I need to study the literature of the ancient kingdom of Ulster (Uladh), the early O'Néills (Uí Neill), and the tribes of Fir Lí, Cenél mBinnig, Eilne, and Uí Thuirtri.

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   See also local history notesnewspaper transcripts, and a comparison of elements of the ancient and modern landscapes (in progress) for the parishes of Kilrea and Tamlaght O'Crilly.

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