Source: The Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper, dates as shown. (accessed by subscription, 2015-12-18). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.
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The Pennsylvania Packet, 24 December 1777:

Head of Elk, November 27, 1777.
  Taken up, and now in the possession of
the subscriber, a black Horse, fifteen and
a half hands high, six years old, with a
star in his forehead, paces and trots. The
owner, by proving his property and paying
charges, may have him again.
      Thomas Huggins.

The Pennsylvania Packet, 15 June 1789:

To be Sold at Public Sale,
On Wednesday the 24th Instant, at Elkton,
Cæcil County——The
House and Lot,
With the Improvements, late the property
of Thomas Huggins.
      Robert Oliver,
      William Matthews,
      William Bavroll,
June 4.

Transcriber's note: This advert was re-published on the 19th & 23rd June, 1789.

The Pennsylvania Packet, 14 August 1789:

Public Sales.
  Notice is hereby given, That pursuant to
an Order from the Honorable John Rogers, Esquire,
Chancellor of the State of Maryland, and for the
Benefit of the Creditors of Thomas Huggins and
William Kilgore  Insolvent Debtors, will be
exposed to Public Sale, on Thursday the 20th
August next,
All that valuable Merchant Mill and Improvements,
with the Lands adjoining, lying and being in
Cæcil county, Maryland, within 4 or 5 miles of
Elkton, where William Kilgore now lives; the one
moiety of which was late the property of Thomas
Huggins, the other moiety thereof the property
of William Kilgore——The above Property will be
exposed to a joint sale, by the Trustees of
Thomas Huggins and the Trustee of William
Kilgore. The sale to begin at 10 o'clock in the
Morning at the Mill abovementioned.
  At the same Time will be exposed to Public
Sale, for the benefit of William Kilgore's
creditors——Sundry Household Furniture, Farming
Utensils, a few Horses, Cattle, and a Negro
Boy, late the property of William Kilgore.
  On Friday the 21st of August next, will also
be exposed to Public Sale, in Elkton, Cæcil
county, for the benefit of the creditors of
Thomas Huggins——Several valuable Lots of
Ground, lying and being in Elkton, Cæcil
  The terms of the above sales will be made
known on the respective days of sale, and any
person being desirous of knowing sooner, may
be informed by applying to William Barroll,
in Elkton, Cæcil county, Maryland.
  Robert Oliver,
  Wm. Matthews,
  Wm. Barroll,
    Trustees of Thomas Huggins.
  John Evans, Trustee of William Kilgore.
Elkton, Cæcil county, Maryland, July 3.

Transcriber's note: This advert was re-published on the 15th, 17th, 18th, and 20th August, 1789.

Please cite your sources.

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