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Ledlie of Carnan 2019-01-10
Ledlie family history mysteries
- Speer of east Tyrone
- Rev. Robert Darragh d.c.1743
- Hamilton of Newry & Calcutta
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- Fixter to Darragh 1709
- Darragh to Fixter 1709

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The Arborealis logo is a stylized photograph © Alison Kilpatrick. It depicts an estate worker's cottage in Derrykintone townland, parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone. The Earl of Caledon built these cottages just outside the western wall of his estate in the early 1800s. A dozen or so have been refurbished, while others remain in a derelict state. Formerly of Glenarb, our third great grandfather, James Huggins (1775-1860), lived in one of these cottages during his elder years—with his daughter, Anne Jane (1812-1893), and her husband, John Rodgers (1809-1913), who worked as a herd for the Earl.

Welcome to Arborealis.
This site presents family and local history studies researched by Alison Kilpatrick. Arborealis features biographical sketches, timelines, transcripts, and local history notes, ranging from England and Ireland as countries of origin to places where our emigrant ancestors settled overseas. Many of these stories have recurring Themes, which are listed in the sidebar to the right. ☛ ☛ ☛

Featured ancestor:

sarah selina huggins 3

Sarah Selina Huggins was born in 1855 in Waltham Abbey, Hertfordshire. Her parents were John Joseph Huggins (1816–1876) of Caledon, county Tyrone, and Margaret Jane Burke (1823–1898) of Tralee, county Kerry. Sadie was a milliner by trade. She emigrated with her parents and six of her siblings to Canada in 1874. She married Robert Gordon Kilpatrick (1851–1929) in Port Hope in 1883, and had seven children. The family migrated to Peterborough, St Thomas, Fort Garry, Brandon, and Victoria, before settling in Toronto in 1892. Sarah Selina died in the home of her son, John Stuart Kilpatrick, in 1928, aged 72 years.

Research for this family and local history project began in 2000 and is ongoing. This undertaking to present research findings on Arborealis and in book form will be of several years' duration. Ongoing work is listed under current projects and updates, while Research pending and Family history mysteries pages outline unresolved questions and suggestions for further research. If you share a research interest, contributions of photos and information would enhance our respective and combined work—and will also be gratefully received and credited appropriately.

"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."—Lesley Poles Hartley (1895–1972), The Go-Between (1953).

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